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Franziska Baumann_photo- Francesca Pfeff

Part 1: Lecture and presentation by Franziska Baumann about her work - "Voice & Sensor Live Electronics"

In her lecture, Franziska Baumann will discuss her work as a composer and vocalist specializing in gesture-based live electronics. Her research interests include the intersection between philosophy and performance in technological environments, and the role of the body in a time of technological change. She has composed a large proportion of work where she processes the voice, and plays excerpts using a MacBook Pro with Steim's software JunXion and Ableton Live software and gesture-controlled MIDI instruments.

The lecture/performance/presentation reflects the relationships between an embodied acoustic voice and disembodied spatial voices through gestural communication through the SensorGlove interface. 

The interface between her as a singer and the performing system is part of the integrated system that mediates the communication. 

Part 2 Workshop - Contemporary Vocal Art Practice & Improvisation


The workshop provides a multifaceted insight into vocal improvisation and vocal performance: voice warm-up, different singing techniques and expanding the voice spectrum (emotions, energetic qualities, physicality, gestures), and the search for the spontaneous, the emotional voice in a sophisticated, archaic or everyday expression. Furthermore, Franziska looks at the exploration of sounds, melodies, yodeling, language and process. Improvisation techniques are the basis for modules and ideas for leading group performances in order to explore and uncover the spectrum of the human voice in a playful context. 



Franziska Baumann is an internationally recognized vocalist-performer-composer. She works in many different fields that include free improvisation, acoustic vocal performance, vocal performance art with live electronics, sound installations and interdisciplinary work.

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on KHIO at 14:00-18:00   (Cancelled due of corona)


Part 1 (14:00 – 16:00): Lecture and presentation by Franziska Baumann about her work

Part 2 (16:00 – 18:00):  Workshop

Place: Art Academy, Fossveien 24, 0551 Oslo

Price: free


To participate: Send an email to, with a few sentences about yourself and why you want to participate. 

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