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The Color of Green

 Miguel Emilio Dobrodenka Steinsland (NO) & Claudia Lucacel (NO/RO)


24.08 at 19:30

The board of trustees' hall, Sentralen

What is reality? Can we trust what we see, what we hear, what we feel. Sound and image flow in the borderlands of what the brain and heart can accept or understand. We will try to give life to an ancient time in our body, to communicate with our own timeless longing subconscious. We are looking for the real original man, and on the outside we live our modern lives. Miguel Steinsland and Claudia Lucacel give us a glimpse into their ongoing work, with a composition and interplay of image-sound recordings made out in the field, which are also brought to life by the duo on stage.


Meet The Artists


Miguel Emilio Dobrodenka Steinsland

Miguel has been active as a vocalist since 1997. With the jazz band Christianssand String Swing Ensemble (now: Salto Mortale), he has contributed to several recordings, Norwegian tours and in the band's own international music festival, etc. The major Argentine newspaper La Nacion wrote the following about Miguel's stage qualities, after a concert in Buenos Aires: "The key lies with Dobrodenka - a versatile singer who masters different styles - one who conquers his expression and has an unusual contact with the audience". For several years, Miguel has written music that includes show, tango, rock and experimental music. In 2018, Miguel had his first solo concert exclusively with his own material and for this concert live paint was used on stage, tracks and electronica, in addition to acoustic improvisations. In the years that followed, he continued to explore this part of his musical universe. An example of his music in a different format is the composition "The Island of Solitude", and the ballad was performed in Kilden together with the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra. He has been an actor at Grusomhetens Teater in Oslo since 2009, with his debut in the male lead role of Knut Skytte - which was a world premiere in the opera Fjeldfuglen by Henrik Ibsen. This performance received a Hedda nomination as Theater Event of the Year, and it was performed in Norwegian in 16 countries, including India and the USA. Subsequently, Miguel has done several other roles at the Theater of Cruelty, including as Falk in "Svanhild" and as George in "Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf?". One of his songs was also used in the show "Venus & Mars" for the theme of Mars, and in "A tram of desire" he was used as a sound designer as well as an actor. Miguel is constantly working on new compositions and lyrics, and will be seen more often on stage in the future - also as a solo artist. 


Claudia Lucacel is a producer, filmmaker/photographer, and performance artist. She is originally from Romania, grew up in Greece and has lived in Norway since 2014. Claudia has a bachelor's degree in theater (directing/acting) from the University of Peloponnese in Greece, a one-year education in documentary film and an ongoing master's degree in drama and theater communication from OsloMET. Since she completed her education in 2012, she has worked on a variety of cultural projects in different roles, e.g. as a producer, inspector, director's assistant, actor, theater instructor, in Greece, USA, UK, and Norway. In NY, Claudia worked as assistant director and production manager for theater company Aquila Theater during their NYC (BAM) & US national Tour in '12&'13. In Norway, she was the main producer for Grusomhetens Teater and assistant director for Lars Øyno for all new productions, guest performances/tours, re-recordings in Norway and internationally for 4 years.  Claudia is a board member and producer at VoxLAB and has organized VårFEST since 2019.  In addition to a background in production work, Claudia does film and photography with a focus on stage art and documentary .  Claudia is passionate about creating inspiring cultural experiences with a focus on interdisciplinarity. She currently works freelance as a producer/photographer for various clients and lives on a small farm in Gran.

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