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“Speak up before you have no voice” 


Speak up before you have no voice - Poster.png

23.08 at 19:30


One of the most powerful forms of protest – street demonstrations – has been of great interest to Mariam in recent years. She has collected video and audio recordings of demonstrations, some of which she has participated in herself. The material, as well as the visual and auditory experiences she has collected, have inspired her to create a new piece for electronics and video projection.


The title is taken from one of the protest posters: Speak Up Before You Have No Voice."

Meet The Artist

Mariam Gviniashvili b&w.jpg

Mariam Gviniashvili is an Oslo-based composer and visual artist originally from Georgia. Her compositional practice focuses on investigating the role of spatiality in music. Her practice also extends to audiovisual works in which she explores the relationships between 3D sound and moving image. She collaborates with performers and creates music for dance and theatre.

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