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 Guoste Tamulynaite (LT/NO) & Marte Røyeng (NO)

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24.08 at 19:30

Board of Trustees Hall, Central

RøyengTamulynaiteCo (Guoste Tamulynaite and Marte Røyeng) will create and perform a new experimental musical theater work where voice, scenography, costume and sound sources placed around the stage are elements that are put into play as part of the composition. The work will explore the themes of youth and old age, time and transience, in an expression characterized by the duo's penchant for surrealism and ambiguous signs.

Meet The Artists

Marte2022 - Marte Røyeng.JPG

Marte Røyeng (1990) is a composer, performer and lyricist from Horten. She has a background as a singer-songwriter and has studied composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music. A line that can be drawn through Røyeng's multifaceted catalog of pop songs, contemporary music and musical theater works is the fascination with the human capacity for attention - what we take in, what slips away, and what we avoid. As a composer, songwriter, performer and lyricist, she likes to create musical situations where muted or hidden voices can be revealed.


Guoste Tamulynaite is an Oslo-based pianist and composer, educated at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Guoste has composed and performed music for a number of music, theater and dance productions, which have toured both in Norway and Europe. She helped start the artist collective Blomsterbed. In recent years, Guoste has expanded his work to work with interdisciplinary works, scenography and teaching in composition and improvisation.

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