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Summer workshop for children and young people

#OccupyOpera is VoxLAB's free summer workshop for children and young people, which has been organized every year since 2018 with support from the Norwegian Culture Council. VoxLAB aims to build expertise in music, voice use, performing arts, improvisation and artistic collaboration, in addition to providing experience of what opera and performing arts can be. At the summer workshop, young performers get a unique opportunity to work together with professional singers, performers and instructors from different musical, scenic and ethnic backgrounds.

In 2018 and 2019, VoxLAB organized a two-week workshop for young performers in the rehearsal rooms of Den Norske Opera & Ballett. The purpose of #OccupyOpera was both to develop skills - improvisation (music and movement), use of voice, instrument making, design of graphic scores - as well as to develop a new work in collaboration with professional creative and performing artists. VoxLAB also wanted to create a team that consisted of people from different artistic and ethnic backgrounds. The languages among the participants and the professional athletes were Norwegian, English, French, German, Polish, Icelandic, Arabic, Filipino and Fulani. All participants developed and improved exponentially as singers and performers in just 10 days. Everyone was highly motivated, and the workshop challenged them! #OccupyOpera ended with an open display of musical and scenic material that had been created during those days. In 2020, Opera closed the rehearsal rooms due to COVID-19, and then we collaborated with Drivhuset Biermannsgården at Mølla. We focused on site-specific work with voices and instruments in several public areas in Oslo with exciting acoustics. We ended with concerts at the National Theater T-name, and at the Monolith in Vigelandsparken. 

Wondering how we work at #OccupyOpera's summer workshop? Look at excerpts from the workshops and screenings: