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KNELE - Marte Røyeng

 with soprano Emily Adomah Rimmereide Adjei (NO)

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24.08 at 19:30

The board of trustees' hall, Sentralen

When one voice is silenced, other voices take over. "Knele" ("Knele") is based on a continuous chain of interrupted words. The truncated utterances give rise to interpretations that try to give meaning to the chain.

1. "Knee" ("Knee")
2. "Report - Day" ("Report - Day")
3. "Spectators"
4. "Report - Evening" ("Report - Evening")
5. "Mobilisation" ("Mobilisation")
6. "Marches"
7. "Memory" ("Memory")

Meet The Artists

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Marte Røyeng (1990) is a composer, performer and lyricist from Horten. She has a background as a singer-songwriter and has studied composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music. A line that can be drawn through Røyeng's multifaceted catalog of pop songs, contemporary music and musical theater works is the fascination with the human capacity for attention - what we take in, what slips away, and what we avoid. As a composer, songwriter, performer and lyricist, she likes to create musical situations where muted or hidden voices can be revealed.


Emily Adomah Rimmereide Adjei

Emily Adomah has completed a four-year bachelor's degree in classical singing at the Norwegian Academy of Music. She has studied with Professor Mona Julsrud and has also studied with Professor Caroline Stein at the University of Music and Theater in Leipzig, Germany. During her studies, she immersed herself in romantic music, classical contemporary music and improvisation. Especially the latter, she uses a lot when she composes her own pieces and collaborates with other artists and composers. In recent times, she has become more and more interested in electronic production and live electronics, where she takes her own songs and improvisations to a new level.

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