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 Elin Rosseland & Johannes Eick

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24.08 at 19:30

Board of Trustees Hall, Central

Elin Rosseland: vocals, voice processor, midi keyboard, effects
Johannes Eick: 6 string bass, loop, effects

The duo plays music from the CD: "GOLD". There are own compositions, music for light soprano and deep 6-string bass. Elin Rosseland and Johannes Eick started their duo project in 2019. The duo recorded their first CD as a duo  : "GOLD" in 2020. They are both equals and composers. Explores the duo format with similarities and differences between the two instruments, distribution of roles, improvisation, soundscapes. The duo had a release concert Jazzfest in Trondheim Nov 2020. Tour autumn 2021: Hammerfest, Tromsø, Parma, Italy.

Meet The Artists

Elin Rosseland_photo-John Glazebrook.jpg

Freelance musician since 1984. Graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Music the same year. Since then have worked with many different musicians, projects. Both as a singer and composer. Elin Rosseland, Johannes Eick duo released CD: "Gold" in 2020. They challenge the duo format and the similarities and opposites of high soprano and deep 6-string bass, and also with electronics, voice processor, loop, soundscape.


Johannes Eick trained at the jazz line in Trondheim 1985. After graduation, 100% position as a musician in Finnmark County. From 1987-2005 worked as a freelance musician. Various musicians, projects, i.a. : Elin Rosseland, Vigleik Storaas, , Christian Wallumrød, Tor Yttredal, Espen Rud, Karin Krogh, Sidsel Endresen, Jon Christensen, Helge Lien.

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