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Until now, VoxLAB has produced several concerts, workshops, seminars and a laboratory.

VoxLAB has held ongoing meetings for members at Biermannsgården in Oslo, where members can try out their ideas.


1)   February to December:   Monthly meetings with IMPROLEK at Biermannsgården. Open improvisation and development workshops for composers and singers at Biermannsgården on the last Wednesday of the month.

2)   Two concerts: spring concert at Melahuset and autumn concert at Biermannsgården with premiere of  a total of 13 new vocal works by Norwegian composers.


4)   Development of 2 new musical dramatic works during the summer workshop at DNO&B: The Search, Kristin 
Norderval/Rita Dove; and Det innerste lyset – a narrative opera about John of the Cross, Kristin Bolstad/Tormod Fuglestad.


6)   First performance   of HEXE (Meyer/Elle) at Theater X in Tokyo /Japan. The work was presented as work-in-progress at a concert organized by Vox lab in December 2017 and the work will be performed concertant in in its entirety in April 2019 with Jo David Meyer Lysne at prepared guitar.

7)   Part-Libretto development workshops at Sentralen, Saxegården and Biermannsgården. Share – Libretto are meetings between authors and composers.

8). Biermannsgården.

9)   Development of RAKEL2018 – a new music dramatic work for 2 sopranos, electronic sound and medieval instruments, a co-production between VoxLAB and Modus.

10) Presentation of work-in-progress extracts from RAKEL2018 at Modushuset and

Biermannsgården. The work will be performed in its entirety in April 2019.


1)   February – December 2017: Monthly meetings with IMPROLEK at Biermannsgården: IMPROLEK is an open 
monthly forum where we try out new ideas and work sketches, practice improvisation, talk about  creative processes and development of new vocal works. IMPROLEK is led by members or external relevant actors.

2)   Repeated performances of Kristin Bolstad's work Sound / In Light, a work written especially for 
4 vocalists in a meeting with James Turrell's light installation Ganzfeld: Double Vision in Skyspace i Ekebergparken, Oslo.

3)   Deeply Listening Body and Voice Retreat  - 4 day workshop – 26-29. June, 2017, Ringebu 
folk high school, with Heloise Gold (dancer and Tai-Chi master) and Kristin Norderval (voice/composer). 
It was a 4-day workshop with a focus on artistic development and listening as a tool. The workshop 
culminated in several works that were or will be performed during 2017/2018: (Works by Ognøy-Johansen, 
Bolstad, etc.)

4)   Meet Norwegian Opera: live and on the screen - a collaboration with DNO&B in connection with Oslo 
Culture Night 2017, 15/09/2017 – VoxLAB arranged a film screening and talks between composers and 
DNO&B's dramaturg Hedda Høgåsen-Hallesby. Clips from operas by Knut Vaage, Synne Skouen and Kristin 
Norderval was shown.

5)   Workshop in new singing techniques – Weekend course – 10.-12. November, 2017, Oslo - course in overtone singing with the German overtone singer Anna-Maria Hefele. The aim of the course was the development of skills 
within new singing techniques. Several have said that they will use knowledge from the course actively in the development of new works.

6). Part-Libretto had 19 participants consisting of composers and writers.

7)   Solsnu concert: Women's voices! - 8 works by female composers, including five premieres. Three of these were developed as part of VoxLAB.


1) February – December 2016: Monthly meetings with IMPROLEK at Biermannsgården.

2) March 2016: VOCATIONAL LABORATORY 2016 - Workshops and trial period for
commissioned work by Kristin Bolstad. VoxLAB invited composer Kristin Bolstad to
compose new vocal music for a site-specific space.

3) April 2016: VOCATIONAL LABORATORY 2016 – First performance and concerts with Kristin
Bolstad's newly written work Sound / In Light, a work written especially for 4 vocalists i
encounter with James Turrell's light installation Ganzfeld: Double Vision in Skyspace i
Ekeberg Park, Oslo. 14 and 15 April 2016.

4) August 2016: FILM SHOWING - The Trials of Patricia Isasa - music by Kristin
Norderval, libretto Naomi Wallace, dramaturg Bibbi Moslet. Producer: Chants
Libre's Opera Company, Montreal, Canada. Film screening 10/08/2016.

5) August and September 2016: New performances of Kristin Bolstad's work Sound / In
Light. In co-production with VoxLAB. 27 and 28 August, as well as 23, 24 and 25
September 2016.

6) October 2016: First performance of Øystein Elle's work A Chance To Sing (A dice
game), developed as part of VoxLAB IMPROLEK in 2016. Premiere on 23 October
2016 during the SONIC HARVEST festival at Grusomhetens teater in Oslo.

7) November 2016: FILM SHOWING - Is-slottet - music Magnar Åm, Book: Tarjei
Vesaas, Libretto: Jesper Bræstrup Karlsen, production: Musikteatret SAUM and
The New Opera, Esbjerg. Film screening on 30 November 2016.


1) February – December 2015: Monthly meetings with IMPROLEK at

2) June 2015: Workshop and joint specialist seminar for composers and performers with
the composer Pauline Oliveros, the writer Ione, and the movement artist
Heloise Gold, held at Sortland in Vesterålen. The workshop focused on listening,
musical improvisation, work with algo-rhythmic notation and other new ones
forms of notation, as well as instruction in "Deep Listening". It was also focused
on collective creation methods and alternative creative processes, as well as taught
in vocal improvisation.

3) June 2015: Concert with Pauline Oliveros, Ione and Heloise Gold in Royal Neptun
Hall - a disused fish oil tank - at the Norwegian Fishing Industry Museum in Melbu,

4) June 2015: Artist Talk with Pauline Oliveros, Ione and Heloise Gold at Hovudgården

at Museum Nord in Melbu, Vesterålen.


1) Pauline Oliveros; composer and accordionist - concert at Kunstnernes Hus
together with Kristin Norderval, on 13 June 2014 in collaboration with nyMusikk,
as well as a 3-hour workshop at Atelier Nord on 14 June 2014.

2) Phil Minton; Composer and vocalist - workshop at Scenehuset, 6 September,
2014 and concert at Biermannsgåard on 7 September 2014, in collaboration with
The greenhouse.

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