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Works that have been developed as part of VoxLAB

Two Tongues One Heart – Kristin Norderval (2015):   work for multilingual groups

(developed at Midnight Sun Deep Listening Retreat 2015).

SOUND / IN LIGHT – Kristin Bolstad (2016): site-specific work developed as part of VoxLAB's vocal laboratory with singers from VoxLAB, and in collaboration with Ekebergparken. Has been performed 7 times in 2016, 12 new performances have been agreed for 2017.

Parrhésie: CD release (Losen Records, 2016) with improvisations by Trio Parrhésie, which consists of VoxLAB members Kristin Norderval (voice and laptop) and Ida Heidel (flute), as well as the French pianist Nusch Werchowska.

A Chance To Sing (A dice game) – Øystein Elle (2016): developed by VoxLAB member
Øystein Elle as part of VoxLAB "Improlek" in 2016, performed at the SONIC HARVEST festival at Grusomhetens teater in Oslo in October 2016.

The Trials of Patricia Isasa - Kristin Norderval (2016): all-night opera. Music by Kristin Norderval, libretto Naomi Wallace, dramaturg Bibbi Moslet. In collaboration with the Chants Libres opera company in Montreal, Canada. Premiere on 19 May 2016.

Inspection along the great circle: - Marie Kaada Hovden/Yendini Yoo Cappelen (2016/17):
VoxLAB members Yendini Yoo Cappelen and Marie Kaada Hovden developed a
performance based on a poem by Finn Strømsted. Premiere 11.2017, Melahuset, Oslo


etnOpera : Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer/Lasse Nøsted (2017): VoxLAB member Ruth
Wilhelmine Meyer in collaboration with composer Lasse Passage Nøsted developed one
concert performance for string quartet, vocal trio and himself. Kai Johnsen is the director, and the scenographer is Ann Holmgren. Premiere in summer 2017. Musical elements have been tested and developed as part of VoxLAB "Improlek" in 2016.

FIGURE – Gro Siri Ognøy Johansen & Steffi Lund (2017): A voice and
movement improvisation, developed after attending VoxLAB's “Deeply Listening Body and Voice Retreat”. This site-specific performance work was inspired by the layers of time and history in the area where Oslo was founded. The premiere on 22/09/2017 at Saxegaarden, Oslo.

She and Her Four Shadows – Dalia With (2017): A commissioned work, commissioned by Kristin
Norderval, head of VoxLAB. Dalia With developed the piece together with Kristin Norderval, with recording and editing of the electronic sound file on NOTAM.  First performance on 21/12/17 at VoxLAB's Solsnu Concert: Women's voices!

Gestalt voices – Gro Siri Ognøy Johansen (2017): The work was developed in a workshop with VoxLAB members. First performance on 21/12/17 at Solsnu concert:

Women's voices!

The Search - Kristin Norderval/Rita Dove (2018): Opera in development. The work was partial
developed at the #OccupyOpera workshop, and is still in development. Alpaca Ensemble is seeking commission support for the opera.

The innermost light - a narrative opera about John of the Cross - Kristin Bolstad/Tormod Fuglestad (2018): The work was developed at the #OccupyOpera workshop. First performance at Kirke Skoklefall, Nessoddtangen, Akershus, 5 September 2018

HEXE - Ruth W Meyer / Øystein Elle (2017/18): First performance at Theater X in Tokyo /Japan in June, 2018. An excerpt in three movements was presented as work-in-progress at a concert organized by VoxLAB in December 2017 and the work will be performed as a concert in its entirety with Jo David Meyer Lysne on prepared guitar in April 2019 at VoxLAB's festival.

RAKEL2018 – Kristin Norderval / Gro Siri Ognøy Johansen (2018/19): A new
music dramatic work for 2 sopranos, electronic sound and medieval instruments, co-production between VoxLAB and Modus. Excerpts were presented as work-in-progress at Modushuset and Biermannsgården in December 2018. The work will be performed in its entirety in April 2019.

KNOT: self-blame is a gold tooth - Yendini Yoo Cappelen / Maria Kaada Hovden
(2018): work for 2 performers to poems by Beate Thon, first performance Melahuset, 31/05/2018


Thanks for Everything - Emine Reyes (2018): song for vocals, guitar and piano -
first performance at Solsnu concert, 31.12.2018

She shouts - Emine Reyes / Tora Elle (2018): developed and performed at #OccupyOpera
workshop, 28/07/2018

Reykjavik – Oddrun Lilja Jonsdottir (2018): song for 3 vocalists, guitar and piano.
First performance at Solsnu concert, 31/12/2018

Snur – Eira Sjaastad Huse (2018): song for 3 vocalists, guitar and piano.

First performance at Solsnu concert, 31/12/2018

Solsnu – Huse / Jonsdottir / Reyes (2018): song for 3 a cappella vocalists.

First performance at Solsnu concert, 31/12/2018

For Dalia: A vocal meditation – Kristin Norderval (2018): work for solo voice.
First performance at Solsnu concert, 31/12/2018

Vocal Improvisation – Agnes Hvizdalek / Yendini Yoo Cappelen (2018): work for 2
voices and microphone. First performance at Solsnu concert, 31/12/2018

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