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AnimariAnimate! - Limpe Fuchs

 Kristin Norderval (NO/US), Viktor Bomstad (NO), Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn (NO),

Mirsaeed Hosseiny Panah (IR), Trina Coleman (US/NO)

and young participants from #OccupyOpera


AnimariAnimate! is a beautiful, surreal world that is both a sound installation the public can walk through and a theater performance to be watched. Limpe Fuchs´ engaging performances with her strange instruments inspire rapt attention from her audiences. Fuchs moves like a dancer in the space while singing in her unique ephemeral bird-like style and playing her enormous 2-meter high pendulum-string, her four-meter-long lithophone and various other homemade instruments.


AnimariAnimate! is the result of a collaboration between the legendary percussionist and composer Limpe Fuchs, the singer and composer Kristin Norderval, and selected young participants and their mentors from #OccupyOpera, VoxLAB's summer workshop for young performers. 

Read more about #OccupyOpera here

Meet The Artists


Legendary Limpe Fuchs, now 80 years old, achieved international fame in the 70s as a composer, improviser and multidisciplinary stage artist. She was particularly recognized for her collaboration with Paul Fuchs in the Krautrock duo "Ensemble Anima". Limpe Fuchs' enormous self-made percussion, her wind and string instruments, visual arts and theater performances have earned her recognition. Over the years, Limpe has created a number of musical theater performances and played with most musicians in Germany's jazz and avant-garde milieu. Even after many decades, Limpe Fuchs retains a distinctive personality and a sense of humor in his performances. She alternates freely between her custom-made wooden horns, bamboo flutes, percussion pieces, stringed instruments and her own unique, self-taught birdsong. With its high pendulous string instruments, large lithophone (serpentinite stones) and variable rows of trees, Limpe Fuchs creates a unique world where sound, sound sculptures, visual art and movements are composed. She engages in a theater and choreography of objects and their vibrations, where the visual aspect of a performance has the same importance as the acoustic. With her concentrated listening and agile movements, she creates a strong stage presence. Limpe Fuchs is now experiencing increased interest in his work. Her exhibitions, installations and performances are in demand in the US and across Europe.

Trina C headshot Baltimore - Trina Coleman.jpg

Trina Coleman

Trina is an American composer-performer who began sharing her own songs after facing unexpected personal trials. She draws material from her classical schooling and multicultural background as she creates a progressive soul expression that pulses with a powerful personal narrative. She has performed at festivals and concert stages on the US east coast with her band Sojourne, before moving with her family to Oslo in 2016. Trina performed on The Voice Norway in 2019 with her own rendition of "Ain't No Sunshine", and she will do debut at Den Norske Opera this spring with Nordic Black Theatre's production of "After the Dream."


Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn

Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn is a dancer, choreographer and teacher with a bachelor's degree from the Oslo Academy of the Arts. Her choreography has appeared in places such as Tou Scene (Stavanger), Bærum Kulturhus, Mediterraneo Dance Festival (Italy), Clarence Space (UK) and more. She has also performed internationally for, among others, Kari Hoass Productions, Mia Habib, Elle Sofe Henriksen and Shanti Brahmachari.

Kristin Norderval-1-photocredit-Fin Serck-Hanssen - VoxLAB forening.jpg

As both a composer and singer, Kristin Norderval is inspired by hybridity, interactivity and the idea that everything we do is site-specific. In her operas, chamber works, sound installations, and music for dance and theater she blends acoustic and electronic sound, de-tuned instruments, voices, machines, and the acoustic resonance of space. In her solo works she processes her voice in real time often combining it with prerecorded sounds to create complex sonic layers and unusual soundscapes. Custom controllers allow her to manipulate the processed sound with physical gestures. Her work with Pauline Oliveros over three decades was a primary influence in combining structural rigor with improvisation. 
Having trained in both composition and classical voice, Kristin first earned her living as a soprano soloist with a focus on contemporary music, particularly American composers from the New York School. She performed and recorded works by and often alongside composers such as Philip Glass, John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, Steve Reich, Annea Lockwood, David Lang, Tania Leon, Anne Le Baron, Frances White, Christian Wolff, Carla Lucero, George Crumb and many others. Returning to composition after her 40th birthday, Norderval´s compositions have received international acclaim. Her solo CD Aural Histories was listed by The New Yorker music critic Alex Ross as one of “Ten Notable Classical Music Recordings of 2012”. Her opera The Trials of Patricia Isasa (2016) won Quebec´s OPUS prize in two categories: best contemporary music and best production. Kristin Norderval is currently a PhD Research Fellow at the Academy of Opera in Oslo.


Viktor Bomstad

Viktor Bomstad is a guitarist and joiker from Storfjord in Northern Troms. He has been seen in a number of different constellations in recent years and has recently had great success with the band Sex Magick Wizards, who have released a record on legendary Rune Grammofon and toured Germany. Viktor is a searching and curious musician who often plays in the landscape between beautiful and noisy. He can be seen in his own and others' projects in everything from children's shows to dirty rock clubs. In December 2022, Viktor will release his first solo album on Nice Things Records.

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Mirsaeed Hosseiny Panah

Mirsaeed Hosseiny Panah is an Iranian composer and musician whose main instrument is the santoor. His curiosity about different musical genres motivated him to study classical music and jazz in addition to his heritage of Iranian classical music. He's not only invited as a soloist, but has also received several commissions as a composer and arranger.

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